An Introduction

I started writing this bio, and I had a standard set of lines about how long I’ve been studying X, doing Y, where I was from, etc., and I realized how deeply uninteresting it all was!  Digging a little deeper, and opening up a little more was challenging.

So yes, I am an artist, a diviner, and a formulator of fine complexion waters – to sum up succinctly.  I’m also a Mambo Asogwe, initiated in a traditional Haitian lineage.  But more to the point of what I hope interests you, I am a student and practitioner of Western Medieval and Renaissance-style Astrology, and, more recently, Jyotish, otherwise known as Vedic Astrology here in the West.  Although I’m still working out what my astrological practice for others will look and feel like, I clearly see how I settled on the type of astrology I study and practice.

When I first encountered astrology, it was as a dabbler, surrounded by dabblers, and practitioners whose approaches were steeped in New Age philosophy and a sort of bland positivism.  I personally didn’t feel like much can be done with that, and the approach seemed sorely lacking, and I lost interest and moved on to more explicitly divinatory practices.  Then in 2011 I encountered the traditional revival and it cracked a whole world open to me.  I found people working with material from the early modern period – a period that I knew and loved through history and literature, and a stream in which I knew I could wade in deeply.  I found a revival of astrological magic, and to me that filled the huge gap between knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses, inherited and fated tendencies, and then doing something with that knowledge.

With Jyotish, it was, almost amusingly so, as if I had been actively avoiding the obvious:  I’d spent time in India, knew a little of the cultures and history, and at one point even spoke and read passable Urdu and Hindi.  But still, it took until two years ago to start down that path – and it feels fated.

Join me here to explore ideas and techniques, look at lives and events through the different lenses of astrology, examine the signposts along our spiritual paths, consider upcoming conditions, and work a little magic.