Libra Season for Women of a Certain Age

Autumn is here – the sun has entered Libra and is in his fall, and while he will have some remembered strength in Sagittarius, he won’t be notably strong again until spring, until Aries.  Venus is at home in Libra, but moves all too quickly into Scorpio, one of her signs of debilitation.  Libra is wholly sanguine sign, warm and moist, airy and mental.  Like all the humors, it can become imbalanced, but still, it’s a highly favored humor.  As a woman of a certain age I think of Libra and the forties as having a mature beauty and sexiness, still vital and a hard-to-guess-age, but Saturn exalts here – it’s time to manifest, focus and bring some accomplishment to fruition, it’s not a time filled with potential – the adventures have been chosen, some roads your feet will never see – make the most of it, soon we’ll slide into a phlegmatic state, and after that?  Winter is coming – What can we harvest to bring us joy and carry us through?