Aries Ingress 2019

As a life-long politics and world events nerd, I always look forward to analyzing the Aries Ingress chart for the year!  A quintessential tropical zodiac technique for traditional astrologers, we mark the sun’s entry into the Tropical sign of Aries as seen from a nation’s capital, marking both spring, and a new year, to get a sense of the year ahead for the nation.   Some of what I say below is to be expected, we don’t just switch national concerns and moods on a dime, at least without dramatic and unusual events.  So yes, some of this is just the continuation of our current situation, but there should be some emphasis and events regarding these topics, at the very least the sort of things we’d expect to see highlighted in a “Year in Review.”

Below is the chart for the United States, and the first thing we should notice is the rising sign of Virgo.  Virgo is considered a common, or mutable sign, it finishes rather differently than it starts, and it doesn’t follow a direct path.  With this technique it means that this chart is good for half the year, we will need to cast a Libra ingress chart for the second half of the year – this year I aim to be a better blogger and get it out in September!


As with any chart, I focus on the planetary house locations, house rulership, the essential dignity (general strength, ability to act constructively,) and relevant significations of the houses and planets.  This year the ascendant is ruled by Mercury, and in March, Mercury is, quite frankly, in poor shape – in the sign of its fall, and retrograde.  While for individuals I might say this is a time period for spiritual introspection, the reworking of spiritual and artistic pursuits, here it’s a great deal harder to be positive.  We also find the moon in the first house, late in Virgo, waxing, but very near full.  This is telling me a story about a people (the moon) really wondering where the nation is going, wondering who they are and who they will be, concerned about their reputation and influence and their place in the world.  These are not new concerns, but with Mercury, natural significator of journalism, as both the ascendant and mid heaven ruler, I would expect these musings and polls to take an even more central place in the media, content to be devoured by a worried public who are ready for a change or even a return to time when there was more unity and meaning, and such things as the “American Dream,” were felt and believed, by at least the mainstream.  A public ready for change is pretty easy to predict, after all the desire for change, any change at all, is what the pundits tell us brought us our current presidential administration, but here,  with a moon about to oppose the sun and bring to something to fruition, I don’t think we will see something definitive about the nation’s direction, but we will see and hear a lot about the changes that have and haven’t taken place, a peak in this story perhaps.  The moon has some minor dignity in Virgo, but it is still mutable and moving from opposing Mercury to opposing the Sun.  That Mercury can be read as the media by natural signification, but in this chart it is both the government as a whole, and the president specifically.  Mercury is sitting in the seventh house, the house of contracts, alliances, partnerships, and opponents – captured and weak, as well as retrograde.  That first house moon is ruling the 11th, another house about friends and allies.  I would expect more developments and news about the country’s traditional allies and alliances.  I, along with that Virgo moon, would watch for developments that would significantly affect NATO or other major security agreements, and/or some of our major missile and naval treaties.  Mercury in this condition, as the tenth house ruler, would seem to indicate continued instability within the presidential administration – perhaps a new press secretary?  And we we will certainly see even further attempts to paint the media as an enemy, confused, untrustworthy, and inaccurate.

While the ruler of the 10th house is seen as the country’s leader and the government, generally – the sun is also a the natural significator for those in power.  Here the sun is exalted, of course, by being in Aries, but it is located in the 8th house.  This is a topic area that deals with debt, financial social safety nets, and opposing the second, impacts finances and the economy.  In this chart the sign of Leo, ruled by the sun, covers the 12th house, another house that deals with debt and other areas of self-undoing, as well as exile, hidden enemies, and espionage.  I think there will be public and policy concerns surrounding espionage and security, perhaps new or renewing legislation?  I haven’t done my homework there.  And, of course, there will be budget battles highlighting the national debt, look out for attempts to further cut social programs in the name of alleviating the debt issue.

Let’s talk Mars and Venus – Venus tightly squares mars in this chart.  Venus is sitting in the 6th, ruling the 2nd and the 9th.  I would expect big national topics, events, and conversations surrounding public health spending, labor issues, student debt – who gets a fair share of the pie?  Potentially some public health concerns, and I think some conflicts over gender relations that get played out on campuses and in courts in a decisive manner.  Student protests that make national news.  I would not be surprised if both of those arenas were host to some high-profile security incidents as well.  A debilitated Mars ruling the 3rd house of communication, the 8th of anxiety and loans, sitting in the 9th, makes me think about variations of “See Something, Say Something,” Internet security, and intellectual property crimes – and yes, makes me want to watch “Fight Club”…

That Mars is just separating from a trine from Saturn in the 5th.  I’ve been oddly eager to discuss this house’s topics since last year’s chart was so literal, starting off with sex scandals and ending with scandals about lost and caged children.  This year there’s a different tone.  I don’t think the children issue is gone, but I think with Saturn sitting there in its own sign, ruling the house we may see some coherence, if not the most compassion and humanitarianism, in our approach to the issue of migrants, refugees, and immigrants (Saturn ruled people.)  On a hopeful note, the execution of those policies, while restrictive, might actually be better organized and less subject to simply being horribly lost in the system.  I am worried that there may be some issues raised surrounding migrants and public health – not in a productive way, but in an alarmist, anxiety provoking/exploitive way (I’m looking at Saturn/Mars here.)  I do think there will be continued issues with borders and who belongs, who is a citizen and how, from some subtle cues about the Virgo/Pisces axis, with Pisces disregard of borders and limits, a traveler sitting there (Mercury), and Jupiter squaring that axis from the 4th house.  But we also have a classically 5th house topic to discuss as well!  This year the Supreme Court struck down a federal law prohibiting sports gambling – while that feels very Sagittarius, now we enter a much more Saturnian phase where there will be winners, losers, new structures, and new restrictions as each state decides what laws they will put in place to manage this.  Fun, Saturn style!  On another positive, yet less dramatic note, I’m wondering about development directors and building projects that are national in scope, or at least multi-state – this might be a very good and productive time for those, let me know in June if you have any insight there!

The 4th house deals with foundations, land, resources from land, real estate, ancestry, lineage, and family.  Push and push back regarding blood quantum, blood citizenship, land ownership, who is of the land and who isn’t.  Jupiter is there in his own sign, humanitarian, idealistic, concerned with the law, a little zealous, but ultimately fair and classically liberal.  I would expect these issues to presented in the courts in significant cases, but I’m not certain what will actually make it to the Supreme Court in this time frame.  I, like Jupiter and Sagittarius, choose to be optimistic.  Real estate people – you might want to get it done in the first half of this year.  A lot of markets have been booming, and we are always fretting (or hoping) about when the next contraction is coming.  Jupiter will eventually leave Sagittarius for Capricorn and that could signal a contraction – again, let me know next year if you have any insight!

What does the coming year hold for the United States? Aries Ingress 2018

When medieval and renaissance astrologers wanted to look ahead for a nation, they often used what’s called the “Aries Ingress” chart.  A chart is cast using the location of the capitol at the moment the sun first enters the tropical sign of Aries.  If the rising sign is a cardinal or movable sign the chart is good for one quarter, a mutable or common sign holds true for six months, and a fixed sign on the ascendant will be used for the entire year.  The houses are similar to their natal/individual topics, just on a more communal scale.  So the second house, which would represent money and movable possessions for an individual will indicate the treasury, revenues, and overall financial situation of the nation.  The twelfth house for an individual can represent self-undoing, secret enemies, hospitalization, or imprisonment – so for a nation we will look there to see spies, subversive agents (from the perspective of the establishment,) oppressed minorities, public benefits/welfare, the unemployed, and prison systems.

The planets hold a similar relationship to their natal significations:

The sun represents the government, the executive branch, the moon the common people.  Mars is the military and police forces, but also destructive agents like criminals, thieves, and terrorists.  Venus represents women in general, but also the beautiful people, celebrities, artists, as well as marriages and children as a national interest.  And so on…

As I’m writing this, I’m asking myself “do I need to go in to more detail regarding houses in general?”  I tend to assume an audience with a basic level of knowledge driven by their inclination to clink the link that brought them here, or an audience interested in the general conclusion but not the technical details – but don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments if you would find more basics helpful or you would like me to expand upon some topic.  Perhaps I’m just eager to get on to the juicy Aries ingress chart!  Although really, it’s mostly a look back – there’s a spoiler in that last sentence…


On March 20th of this, our year of the lord 2018, the sun ingressed into the tropical zodiac sign of Aries at 12:20 pm in the District of Columbia.  So we have a cardinal or moveable ascendant giving us a chart describing the tone of the next four months in the United States of America.

With the sign of Cancer rising, the moon holds and extra level of importance here, and indeed, the moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus in the eleventh house.  The eleventh house in a mundane chart references topics like legislation, local governments and councils, the representatives of the people, as well as the nation’s allies.  We have seen a lot of calls to local political action as we’ve seen special elections and referendums across the nation and this being a year of mid-term elections where the legislature (direct representatives of “the people” in government) will be subject to change.  The actual election won’t be shown in this chart, but engagement and participation is gearing up in preparation for party primaries across the country.  With the moon in stable, steady Taurus, separating from a stable steady trine with a very, very strong Saturn and Mars on the descendant, more conservative or establishment candidates may shake out to be early front runners.

An Aries stellium in the tenth house reinforces the focus of the nation on government itself.  In the news, in private conversation.  The sun’s rulership of the third house ( a house of networking and communication topics) the communication is a focus of the government.  So we have ongoing discussions about the role of social media in elections, and the potential for further regulation of social media – but more as a topic of discussion and less tangible law-making.  Mercury in the 10th, a natural significator for communication and communication mediums, Mark Zuckerberg’s trip to the capitol and all the ensuing memes very well!  It wasn’t easy –squaring Saturn and Mars, but that’s separating now, and he’s in his own terms (minor dignity.)

Jupiter is the actual ruler of the midheaven and the 10th house cusp.  Retrograde, so focused on the past, in the 5th house that deals with pleasures and entertainment, in Scorpio.  Widely opposite the moon, so there is definite public interest.  This is a nice, clear signature for sex scandal involving a government figure coming to light from the past.  Especially with Venus apply to Jupiter with the opposition!   Stormy Daniels’ Sixty Minutes interview was held on March 25th.

Jupiter is also ruling the 6th house, which would be the house of public health, labor issues, employment, and public servants.  Hindsight and my own local interests combine to say that it’s telling that the sun (ruler of the 2nd ) will move in to that opposition with Jupiter and there will be both talk and action at the state level regarding public pensions.  Jupiter is a natural significator for teachers and as ruler of the 6th we can also see the strikes that have occurred in a few states already – but Saturn has a say as well as the ruler of this chart’s 9th house (educational institutions.)

Mercury is doing a few other things as well – as ruler of the 12th and 4th houses we can expect national conversations about land, real estate, the American experience for minorities and indigenous Americans to continue and often hold the spotlight.  We should see these as repeated themes being highlighted.  A light is being shown on perspectives that aren’t often clear to members of the nation’s mainstream, so it’s a good opportunity to look and listen.

Back to Saturn and Mars – both are very dignified and on the seventh house cusp.  International tensions run high, with rumblings of distant war.  Both are very dignified and I would expect that the focus will be more on nation states rather than terrorist strikes, but Saturn is also ruling the 9th house of courts and higher education, setting up a potential setting for conflict and hostile legal actions.  There aren’t a lot of harsh aspects happening in this chart at least.  The sun will eventually apply one, but the others that remain are separating.  The moon, significator of the people and the lord of the ascendant, is strong and separating from a trine, and that is a gift.

I will focus on getting the Cancer ingress chart going, and we can take a look ahead.